Loving Her Large, Beautiful Breast

beautiful breastI’m terrible with remembering names. I’ve actually forgotten the names of some of my girlfriends! Especially those ones who didn’t have a huge impact in my life (or sex life, for that matter!). This has led to many embarrassing moments when I meet the chicks and couldn’t say her name!

Still, terrible as I am with names, I have a good memory of breasts. I know the chick who had the most beautiful breast – her name is Denise. I could also remember the one with the biggest tits – that would be Kathy. The most terrible breasts were those of Bonnie. It was really large but disfigured by the botched breast enhancement she had. The smallest breasts were owned by Ruby. Her titties were so small that I could envelope them with my mouth in one swift move.

So, you see now that I have a fetish for breasts. I don’t really care if she had a beautiful breast or it was weird looking as long as she would allow me to do whatever I can to please her with her titties. The best thing about these chicks is that they are really adventurous and always willing to try something new. Just imagine, I was able to tit fuck Ruby’s small tits!

beautiful breastTo aid my failing memory, I would obtain breast images of these chicks. I store them, labeled with their names. I vowed to discard these secret files when I get married but for now I enjoy looking at these pics from time to time.

I was able to take a picture of me loving the beautiful breast of Denise. So, I was able to remember the breasts of the chicks in association with their names – not their faces. I know that I’d still forget many of these chicks’ names but they only have to show me their tits and I’d easily recognize them!

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